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We are software enthusiasts addicted to usability. We are a team of all types of individuals who came together to become loud and sometimes even annoying for others, but are the best to work with and deliver the best results.

Starting in 2009 we helped our friends to build and maintain products, that deliver great value to end-users in the most convenient way.

We believe in the products that we create and always go the extra mile to make products that your customers will love to use.

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Smart Training
Online Training System

Along with Smart Training’s extraordinary staff we built a cloud based learning management system and helped them to deliver safety training to more than 70000 employees in United States. Can we be more proud by helping these people to work safe?

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Focus Ortho
Clinic Management System

Partnering with Focus Ortho team we help hundreds of doctors and their staff to provide better services by giving them fast access to any information in the most convenient way. With state of the art coding and integrations we make Focus Ortho one of the fast growing orthodontic practice management software in the market.

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Travel Platform

We love to travel! Teamed up with Localz, we created the best in the world travel app that connects travelers with like minded locals. We believe this is the most convenient way for the tourists to discover the real local culture. Our award winning app with its beautiful UX allows travelers to plan their trip with just a few simple steps.

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Online Grocery Delivery

Together with the Buymie team in Ireland, we created a fast and convenient grocery delivery app that makes the everyday life of the customers easy and convenient. The user friendly interface allows customers to avoid the long waiting lines and save time by simply ordering what they need and getting delivered in just an hour.

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We know that users are becoming more and more demanding each day. And even the simplest business software requires great user experience. This is why we put all our knowledge and expertise behind our projects and get outstanding results by delivering products that end users enjoy using without getting across to any difficulties.
We are doing our best to be as efficient as possible. This is why we are working with scrum methodology. Our teams hold sprint meetings every 2 weeks, at the end showing the client what we reached and what results we got. We believe this is the most efficient way both for our clients and for us to work on achieving our goals and delivering the best projects.
We only work on projects that we love! This is why it is more than easy and enjoyable to work with us. We treat all our customers as our partners and continuously improve our methodologies to deliver results that overcome the expectations of our clients. Get in touch with us and find out how much you will enjoy the process of working with our tech lovers on creating your product.

TEAM –That’s what’s important at Seven Smarts!

Our team is what makes our company successful!

Creative, responsible, loud and sometimes even annoying, we are the best people to work with. We bring all our expertise and cool ideas to work on your project and go the extra mile to add value to your idea!

Treating all our projects as our own, our team creates products that customers love to use!

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